Fitness Services

All of our services can be performed at your own venue/home or at one of our collaborating sports venues in Sheffield.

Dr Alexandros Mitropoulos, Fitness Trainer and active researcher in Exercise Physiology at Sheffield Hallam University – Founder of CardioX.
Health Consultation – £40

The health consultation is a one-to-one meeting and lasts approximately 60 mins. It consists of physical assessments (height, weight, body mass index, blood pressure), and questionnaires assessing your medical history, physical activity levels and quality of life. The consultation will be delivered in a behavioural change manner to support your lifestyle change and setting your new goals.

  • 12 x 60 mins exercise and lifestyle workshops: £360
Body Composition Analysis – £30

The body composition analysis consists of anthropometric (height, weight, body mass index, waist and hip circumferences) and a body composition analysis (e.g., percentages and distribution of body fat and muscle using the bioelectrical impedance analysis). This assessment constitutes one of the factors to inform the exercise and diet prescriptions (by a nutritionist).

We use “state of the art” equipment to provide you with a high standard accurate body analysis assessment. Our body analyser is the InBody Scanner which has been well correlated with the “Gold Standard” measurement for body analysis called DEXA scan.

Health and Wellbeing Assessments – Start from £40

Fitness consists of ten components 1) body composition, muscular 2) strength, 3) endurance, 4) power, 5) speed/quickness, 6) agility, 7) flexibility, 8) balance and coordination, 9) cardiovascular endurance and 10) motor skill. Thus, fitness testing aims to assess your personal ability in some or all of these components, based on your personal fitness goals, and provide us with valuable data to appropriately and scientifically construct your tailored made exercise programme. Fitness testing is adjusted to fit the needs for general and clinical populations, as well as elite and amateur athletes.

Exercise Prescription – Starts from £40

The exercise prescription is based on individualised needs analysis (e.g., analysis which is related to your personal fitness needs), and on the health and wellbeing assessments. The purpose of the exercise prescription is to perform on your own (following demonstration from an expert) a personalised exercise programme, that will fit your needs, exercise interests, priorities, schedule and lifestyle. Knowing your limits through the exercise assessments we will be able to provide you with an individualised exercise programme that will bring real results in real time.

  • One-time exercise assessments and 3-month exercise programmes: Starts from £160
  • 1-year Fitness Pack (Four exercise assessments, and 12-month exercise programmes): Starts from £600
Personal Training for One or Two

The personal training sessions are suitable for everyone regardless fitness aims/level, age, gender and whether they are elite/amateur athletes, or people of the general population. Our personal training sessions are supported by the individualised fitness testing and published scientific evidence.

  • 60mins of 1-1 PT: £40 and PT for two: £70
  • 12x60mins of 1-1 PT: £35 per session and PT for two: £60 per session
  • 24x60mins of 1-1 PT: £30 per session and PT for two: £45 per session
Clinical Exercise

Clinical exercise is suitable for older adults or those with a clinical condition. The clinical exercise protocol and aims are based on individual’s clinical condition and the pathology underlying this condition. We primarily aim to improve the individual’s condition’s related symptoms, quality of life and general fitness/physical functioning. Prices are similar to PT.

Group Training

Group classes consist of at least three people. The exercise type of the group classes mainly consists of functional exercises using your body weight or basic functional equipment such as TRX suspension training, steps, mats and balance boards.

  • 60mins of group training: £12 pp
  • 12x60mins of group training: £10 pp
Diet Consultation and Prescription

Veronika is our collaborative nutritionist with a multi-annual experience in individualised diet consultations and prescriptions with a high rate of successful cases. You can find her in V Balance or contact her directly at

Sports Massage – £30 (per 30′) – £40 (per 60′)

We offer 4 types of sports massage:

Pre-Event – Designed to stimulate, this massage will focus on the areas of the body that will be exerted during the activity. Typically given 15-45 minutes before the event.

Post Event – Received within 2 hours of undertaking the activity, it aids the tissues to normalise.

Restorative – Often received regularly whilst training for an event or for those looking to improve their personal bests and train harder. Restorative sports massage works to enable further training by preventing injury.

Rehabilitative – Serves to alleviate pain from an injury and return the affected tissue to normal.

You could combine our services and create your own special fitness pack. Contact us.

“The fitness services combine fun, education and real results. I feel much stronger, more motivated and more capable of performing what seemed before advanced exercises. I think that I’m learning and improving my quality of life at the same time”


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