Fitter Individuals Have Less Chances to Get Hospitalised Compared to Non-Fit During COVID-19 Infection

A recent study that conducted in Mayo Clinic (Florida, USA) showed that the fitter you are the less chances you have to be hospitalised when infected with COVID-19, regardless age, gender and underlying conditions.

In this study, 246 patients (age, 59 ± 12 years; 42% male; 75% black race) took part. All of them they had performed an exercise test prior to be positively tested for COVID-19. Among these, 89 (36%) were hospitalised. The cardiorespiratory fitness was significantly lower among patients who were hospitalised compared with those not hospitalised.

Why the fitter respond better?

Cardiorespiratory fitness directly reflects the integrated function of multiple organ systems. As such, it is an important measure of overall health and the body’s ability to respond to internal and external stressors, such as COVID-19. During COVID-19 infection the body’s systems are stressed by an increased demand of oxygen, increased function of cardiovascular, respiratory and immune system. These systems function much better in those who are fitter and thus, the stress of COVID-19 will not lead any of those systems to “failure” which will automatically mean worsening of the condition and hospitalisation or even admission to an intensive care unit.

How can I become fitter?

Regular exercise is the only way to become fitter. There are hundreds of different exercise activities, protocols and programmes. Contact us to find out which is best for you and why.

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